“Translation and interpretation are a necessary evil ! We would like to go without it but it remains much better to be able to speak in one’s mother tongue. There we interfere ! This is what I have been taught on my 1st training day as a translator/interpreter.”

Alexander, Japamazing’s Representative

This is the reason why we make a point of honour of proposing the most suitable translation and interpretation services that are as good as the AIIC‘s (Association internationale des interprètes de conférence) ones.

Do you plan to come to Japan to settle and launch your own business or do you basically need translation or interpretation services ?
Japamazing claims to be efficient and receptive for its futur French-speaking businessmen. Consequently, Japamazing can relieve you from all your worries about your first contacts with Japanese language.


Some of our languages combinations (source language – target language) :

*For any very technical text or text requiring special knowledge, such as medicine, law, sciences, etc., Japamazing reserves the right to charge more depending on the lenght of the document to translate.Please contact us for a final estimate.

We also propose to translate from and/or to the following languages :

(Please contact our team for more information)

Chinese Mandarin / Italian / Spanish / Russian / Dutch / Korean / Kissi / Fula / Malinke / Soussou / Indonesian / Malay / etc.


For more details, please contact our team.
We will steer you following your needs.

Contact our support :

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