Tokyo by night, a second New York City

There are so many things to do or to discover in Tokyo that you cannot get bored in this awesome city. Also, it is a highly valued city according to many foreign students. Tokyo provides a large range of restaurants and shops of very different styles.

Cost of living (monthly approximate prices)

Shared room : ¥ 35,000
Private room : ¥ 60,000
Manintenances charges (electricity, gas, water) : ¥ 8,000
Phone : ¥ 5,000
Food : ¥ 25,000
Restaurant : from ¥ 500 to ¥ 3,000

Our partner schools in Tokyo

in Ikebukuro : ISI Japanese Language School
in Waseda : Yoshida Institute
in Takadanobaba : Kyoshin Japanese Language School
in Akihabara : Kyoshin Japanese Language School
in Shinjuku : Genki Japanese Language School Shinjuku
in Yutenji : Evergreen Japanese Language School

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