Our mission

“Entrepreneurship” is what we are all about. Japamazing’s project claims to be polyvalent and involves therefore every French-speaker who wishes to settle in Japan, either for short-term or for long-term.
Japamazing offers you a large range of possibilities and gives itself the mission to provide services fitting every needs no matter the age.

Please consult our partner schools spread all over the country following your preferences.

Register and our team will contact you as soon as one of our jobs offers fits your profile.

You are interested in working with Japan or your work requires you to ? Japamazing offers you translation and interpreation services to remove this language barrier.

Our section called Japamazing Le Cercle is made of professionals who wish to establish a link between French-speaking personal business or freelance and Japan. Indeed, if many ambitious men or women would like to attempt to enter the world of freelance, Japanese culture and language or even the unknown could refrain more than one. Our experts network will give these futur businessmen a hand and guide them since the very beginning in order for them eventually to be able to have their business flourishing.

Japamazing, we support your life in Japan !

Our services

These are the services that we propose to fulfill our mission :

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