About the school :

Small groups in each classroom mainly focused on talking for a convivial environment and faster and more efficient learning.

The school claims to be available and ready to help any student that would need some at any moment so that students can feel radiant in their student life.

The institution often organises courses about Japanese traditional and modern culture such as pop culture, for example.

Student’s testimony :

“Compared to other language schools which I could study in previously, GenkiJACS’ teachers are very dynamic, motivated and motivating. My teachers also were as professional in class as afterclasses where they perfectly fit the role of the helping mate that comes with you to extracurricular activities that the school proposed us. In general, GenkiJACS’ teachers also were the most efficient that I ever had so far in terms of administration.”

Further information :

Situation :

Address : 5-17-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, 160-0022 Tokyo

Closest station : Shinjuku (JR) – Chuo Limited Express Line / Narita Express / Nikko-Kinugawa / Chuo Line / Chuo-Sobu (locale) Line / Keio Line / Keio New Line / Marunouchi Line / Odakyu Line / Oedo Line / Romancecar / Saikyo Line / Shinjuku Line / Shonan-Shinjuku Line /
Yamanote Line

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