Trams used the most in the biggest city of Hokkaido : Sapporo

Although on Japan’s nothern island winters are cold, nature is still luxuriant and reminds the landscapes of nothern Europe but it keeps a Japanese aspect that has already delighted more than one !

Food is absolutely tasty overthere. A lot of Japanese people even travel to Hokkaido to eat its seafood and its priceless farm products.

It is Paradise for those who like skiing : slopes are open during whole winter !

Cost of living (monthly approximate prices)

Shared room : ¥ 25,000
Private room : ¥ 45,000
Maintenances charges (electricity, gas, water) : ¥ 8,000
Phone : ¥ 5,000
Food : ¥ 25,000
Restaurant : from ¥ 500 to ¥ 3,000

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