Nagoya and its special recipes will astonish you again and again

Following the size of its area, Nagoya is the third biggest Japanese city. It developed its own cafés culture and is also well-known for its red miso recipes or other typical dishes of the region, such as “Ankake spagetthi” or “Miso katsu”, etc. Moreover, you will keep unforgetable memories of its majestic castles.

Cost of living (monthly approximate prices)

Shared room : ¥ 30,000
Private room : ¥ 55,000
Maintenaces charges (electricity, gas, water) : ¥ 8,000
Phone : ¥ 5,000
Food : ¥ 25,000
Restaurant : from ¥ 500 to ¥ 2,500

Our partner school in Nagoya

Kyoshin Japanese Language School Nagoya

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