About the school :

The students passing is our priority. High quality classes ranked according to each student’s Japanese language’s level.

Courses on wearing kimono and about tea ceremony.

The relationship between the student and his/her teachers goes beyond school’s walls :
professors are available to help students in their daily life if needed.

Student’s testimony :

I did not know Japanese language at all arriving here in Japan, but after spending 6 months at SNG I progressed a lot ! Even if it remains hard, I managed to speak Japanese language better than at the beginning. This allows me to discover a new aspect of this country and to meet nice people that keep me motivated.”

Further information about the school :

Situation :

Address : 1 Chome-5-41 Jonan, Mito, Ibaraki 310-0803

Closest station : Mito (JR) – Hitachi Tokiwa / Suigun Line / Joban Line / Kashimarinkai Tetsudo Oarai-Kashima Line

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